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      Welcome to Wenzhou Gaoger Machinery Technology Co. ltd.! Home Sitemap Email:sales@gaoger.com
      About Us

      Wenzhou Gaoger Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of blister packaging machine, automatic packing machine, blister packing box production line pharmaceutical packaging machinery manufacturers, and research and development, manufacturing, marketing and customer service service and development.
      With strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment...

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      E-mail: sales@gaoger.com

      Add: Zhejiang city in Ruian Province South Street Linyang electromechanical Park Bada Road No. 98

      Our Products

        Hot information

      • 2017.07.10

        The fifty-first National Pharmaceutical

      • 2017.07.10

        The fiftieth National Pharmaceutical Mac

      • Quality Control

        Our goal is to ensure that our customers will never have to complain about product quality.

      • Development

        The success of the company will ultimately hinge on strong technological...

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